Jun 1, 2008

We Won't Play Sun City (or eat gross salad dressing)

First, LAist used a photo of mine again. Crepes!

Second, records part deux.L-R, T-B:
1)Various Artists: Songs of Naomi Shemer
2)The Original Cast Album: Song of Norway
3)Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City
4)Various Artists: Them Old Country Songs
5)Various Artists: A Treasury of Christmas
6)Various Artists: We Are the World

1) I bought this from the middle-aged man who sells records on campus. I don't want to have to write that whole sentence in the future. From here on out, all such records will be signified by "MAMSROC" (middle aged man sells records on campus). I didn't pay much attention when I bought this--It is the songs of Naomi Shemer sung by other people. It still has some classics, though, such Al Kol Eleh, Anashim Tovim (Chalutzim, Tsofim, the Sabras, and the Seniors, CITs, JCITs, and Staff. Kochavim! etc.), and a medley of songs like Yesh li Chaver (middle school classic!) and Hopa Hey.

2) I don't know where I got this, maybe Rhino. I obviously bought it just because I like Norway, not 'cause I knew anything about it. The interesting thing about this record is that instead of a plain paper inner sleeve, the record is enclosed in a bizarre fitted plastic bag, printed on which are the words "A New World of Sound" and a funny cartoon character that has no face and is holding a globe. I am sorry I don't have a picture of that for you as it is more fun-er than the cover.

3) A Rhino purchase. I bought for 10 cents during their going-out-of-business sale (oh, how I miss thee, Rhino Records!). I didn't know anything about Sun City until I took History of Rock and Roll my first quarter of college. I bought this record around the same time. This is by Artists Against Apartheid, which scandalously didn't include Paul Simon who continued to tour in Sun City. It does include such notables as Afrika Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow, Bono (of course), Jackson Browne (who is playing a free show today which I will not be going to. boo), George Clinton, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Darlene Love!, Melle Mel, Lou Reed, Joey Ramone, the Boss, and Ringo, among a lot more.

4) MAMSROC. I obviously bought this because of the great font and title. Also because it has a song called "Laura (What He's Got that I Ain't Got)"--undoubtedly great. Not to mention that it has a Porter Wagoner/Dolly Parton duet, two people whom I quite enjoy.

5) Rhino. 49 cents for a four record treasury! what a steal. And this ain't no elevator music--it's Leonard Bernstein, Doris Day, Mahalia Jackson, Johnny Cash, Andre Previn, and others. All good Jews love Christmas music; we follow the way of Irving Berlin aka
Israel Isidore Beilin.

6) You know everything about this one. I like Sun City better. FYI, Bob Dylan's eyes are closed on the cover. Cyndi Lauper's hair is yellow and pumpkin-colored. Michael Jackson is wearing lace socks.


ReadDanceBliss said...

Swear to me that record #2 is only ONE song. I will cry if it is not, because then it will be inaccurately named and I so completely want it to be accurate.

For the record, I have been to Norway (in 2003!).


neonspecs said...

1. Of course it's not. It's the name of the play the record is from!

2. I know, but it's still cool. Go Norway!

3. I get it. Kudos.