Jun 10, 2008

I Believe.

L-R, T-B:
1)Starsailor: Love is Here
2)Stephen Stills: Right by You
3)Stephen Stills: S/T

4)Steve Martin: "A Wild and Crazy Guy"
5)Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life
6)Stevie Wonder: Talking Book

Lots of ST-starting names today. You know, when one has a lisp, it is easier to say the 'st' sound than the pure 's' sound. There ya go, as NBC previously pronounced with a shooting star for emphasis, there more you knowwwww.

1) I bought this for a lot of money at Amoeba. I like this album a lot, but it wasn't worth all that money. It's not one of the ones I really need to have somewhere other than my computer.

2) From Rhino. 10-99 cents. Pretty bad album. Sorry Steve, I guess I should have guessed from the cover that you wouldn't live up to your best.

3) Rhino, 99 cents. This album on the other hand, I love. It includes the classic "Love the One You're With."

4) I never understood why titles are put in quotation marks on the thing itself. Bizarre. Anyways, this is from MAMSROC. These days Steve Martin bothers me quite a bit, but there are times when I am way into this album.

5) Steeeevie! From my parents' collection.
This album includes my favorite Wonder song--"Sir Duke," the oft-sampled "Pastime Paradise," and department store staple "Isn't She Lovely," and quite a few other greats. This "Collector's Album" edition from 1976 comes with a small book! There are so so so many lines I'd like to copy out here for you, but really you just find a way to see this yourself. Especially on the back page of the book and the inside of the first page. I guess I'll just give you one sentence to entice!:
"Songs in the Key of Life" is only a conglomerate of thoughts in my subconscious that my Maker decided to give me the strength, the love + love - hate = love energy making it possible for me to bring to my conscious an idea.
6) This album, also from my parents' collection, has braille on the cover and inside of the gatefold! I wonder how expensive that is to do. I like every song on this album. But I especially love "I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will be Forever)," which is the last track on the album and also featured prominently in the ending of the film High Fidelity. This song will be playing at my wedding, f'sure.

On a side note, I just made a sauce for my favorite Costco potstickers, and I put waaay too much chili oil in it. Yeesh!

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