Jun 21, 2008

I miss Adam-12 marathons.

Dear TV Land,

I feel like I have written this letter many times, but, if I haven't already, it's about time! While I do appreciate Hogan's Heroes being brought back, that is not nearly enough to make up for all the grave programming mistakes you have made.

The first error was to play shows that were on TV originally during my lifetime. I am not old enough for this! I was mildly agitated with Wings and quite annoyed about Full House, but The George Lopez Show? Come on! And then now you start having "original programming." But only the worst possible original programming--the exact opposite of the quality shows you previously aired. Going from Mary Tyler Moore to High School Reunion? And now this She's Got the Look, which plays Coldplay snippets every four minutes. The upcoming Family Foreman looks beyond absurd.

TV Land, get your act together.

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