Jun 2, 2008

Six Records Speak

L-R, T-B:
1)Various Artists (Dani Dassa): Rikud
2)Various Artists: Roots: The Black Beginnings of American Music
3)Various Artists: The Secret Policeman's Ball
4)Six Presidents Speak
5)Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: The Sting
6)Various Artists: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band

1) I got this at the last night of Cafe Dansa before it closed. I had always wanted to go but never did, but at least I made it out there before it was gone foreverrr, and it was exactly how I wanted it to be--way tiny, cramped, and stuck in the 1970s. I danced with random old men (old men seem to be becoming a recurring motif in this blog). And got this great record, which is made even more great by the picture on the back of Dani Dassa in all his eyebrow glory. I have some good pictures of this, but since I am an inadequate tagger, I cannot currently find them on flickr.

2) This also came from the Rhino closeout sale. As you can see by the cover, it has some pretty good artists on it, like Big Bill Broonzy and Fats Waller. The record also has some nice generalizing statements on the back: "Here then is 'Roots'. Black Music (capitalization theirs). Black Music that speaks for God and man; joy and sorrow; hard work and good lovin'; music and artists who have influenced the music of America, the music of the world."

3) Rhino. I never listen to this. Was worth the ten cents just for the fact that it says on the back "Stage show slightly directed by John Cleese."

4) I don't remember where I got this one. It includes FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. It was produced by the Ford Customer Service Division of Ford Motor Company in 1972. I wonder for what reasons people were given this record. Everyone got it? Only if you had car trouble? Christmas gift? Bank of America once gave my dad a really bad holiday CD. I would have much preferred this. It's pretty great to listen to; some of it is unbelievably dry. I like to listen to it while watering my plants on the balcony.

5) Scott Joplinnnnnn. This soundtrack is superb. The movie ain't bad either. I love Paul Newman. This movie made me see why people like Robert Redford, but I still prefer Newman. Also, what a great font!

6) Another soundtrack. This movie is crazy. Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees play the Beatles. I am sure this movie was created due to all sorts of drugs. The songs are ok, some better than others. I like the Bee Gees, for sure, but they are better singing their own songs. Billy Preston doing Get Back, on the other hand, is great.

In other news, I may have failed my midterm today, but I am still GM of UCLAradio.com for next year. Oh yeah, James Franco was on Auto Stapler today. He's silly.


ReadDanceBliss said...

I *also* own record #1 and I *also* got it at the Death of Danssa night. I *too* danced with random old men there, and I *too* found it to be exactly the way I had wanted it to be.

And I'm not even tagged in this post :)

neonspecs said...

Death of Danssa is so sad but nicely alliterated.