Jun 6, 2008

Husky men of war.

L-R, T-B:
1)Various Artists: Gigi
2)Various Artists: The Gospel at Colonus
3)Various Artists: The Guns of Navarone
4)Various Artists: Hogan's Heroes
5)Various Artists: Honky Tonk Rag Pickers
6)Original Soundtrack Recording: Lawrence of Arabia

Ok, so it's 4:38 AM when I have class at 11. I obviously fail at being sensible today. I also have some heartburn right now. Records are currently stacked on my desk backwards, so I'm going to work my way from #6 to #1.

6) Many things of note with this album. A: ORANGE. B: Classic classic movie. C: way cool painting of the main face. D: Winston Churchill quote (yes!).

5) I have to say, most of the best lookin' albums in my collection have at least something to do with honky tonk. I mean, seriously, so cool. This one's from Rhino.

4) This record is actually very aptly titled, as it includes only Hogan's Heroes, not Hogan himself. This is where Erica would chime in with "Hogggan!" Anyways, they "Sing the Best of World War II." Come on, the best of World War II has to be great. And it is. There's, perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of Hogan's Heroes representin' going on in my collection as it is my favorite classic TV show. The title of this post comes from the words of the "Hogan's Heroes March" which are not sung in the show but are on this record. The record also includes such greats as Irving Berlin's "This is the Army Mister Jones." I got this record as a gift! From Matt Cohen in high school. Really good gift. Kudos. Update: TV Land is now playing Hogan's Heroes again! Hallelujah. Weird, though, that they don't play the end credits with the theme song and end title sequence.

3) Unfortunately, I haven't seen this movie. Disgraceful, I know, but it is in my queue. I do love Gregory Peck and David Niven; I am not sure if I could even choose a favorite amongst those two. Dimitri Tiomkin is a fab film scorer. On a side note, I highly recommend the Maritime song "Guns of Navarone." OH, I finally 'got back' to David Niven. It's been a while, eh?

2) This movie I have seen--several times, starting in 10th grade is Ms. St. Clair's English class. What a silly class. The Gospel at Colonus is Sophocles' Oedipus trilogy in gospel Black Pentecostal Church form. And it is INSANE. With the Soul Stirrers! The Blind Boys of Alabama! Morgan Freeman! Robert Earl Jones! This one was 49 cents at Rhino.

1) This record symbolizes three things. One, whenever I travel, I like to go to record shops. This record was purchased at Angelo's in Denver, Colorado. Two, I like to buy people records as gifts. I bought this record for my mom 'cause she loves the movie. Three, my mom never listens to records I buy her because she never listens to music outside of her car. Hence, this record is now in my collection. This record is also an example of the fact that I frequently forget that I own some records that I rarely listen to. I have another version of this record that doesn't have the singers from the movie. And, really, I love Maurice Chevalier, so I am not gonna listen to no "TV stars including Michael Stewart, The Gay Blades, something Winter (white text on white background isn't really smart folks), Jack Brown, ..." Perhaps the next time the radio station has a record swap, I'll be able to get something for the non-Chevalier version. This past swap I didn't have any records I didn't want. Really, I am glad I don't have more than one record I don't actually want to have. That would be foolish.

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